Touch Kiosk Control Panel

Touch Kiosk Control Panel software


This tool is to assist those who use PowerPoint to create Interactive Touch Kiosk Software.

It has two main purposes:

  1. Launch PPTViewer if it’s not already running (and relaunching it a user manages to quit it).  Essentially adding as a ‘watchdog’ to ensure that users can’t exit out of PPTViewer to access desktop functionality.
  2. Re-enable ScreenSaver functionality.  PowerPoint disables the functionality of screensavers.  This tool monitors key & mouse interactions and triggers a chosen screensaver accordingly.  It also has the option of killing and relaunching PPTViewer to take the user back to the main menu.  This allows you to have a screensaver as an attract mode.


Coming soon – once it’s been tested & tidied up a bit!