It turns out that I am really bad at publicising the cool stuff I do – so by forcing myself to create this site (and occasionally blog) means I’m allowed to feel slightly less bad about my lack of PR and instead reward myself with a splendid cocktail!

This week (well the week I wrote this page) I am describing myself as:

  • Game Designer & Software Developer (& proud fellow of the fantastic Birmingham Open Media)
  • Maker of game-like things for public spaces (this often involves Museums, Galleries & Festivals)
  • Runner of Workshops (not sure I like the word facilitator) for museums & for making events


I’m very interested in collaborative games for public spaces – usually focusing on a magical experience (where the technology is hidden from the public).

I also build interactive things for and collaborate with galleries, libraries, archives & museums (GLAMs) operating under the name of Museum Games.  This also involves working as an interpreter to explain what crazy technology is out there, how it works and what amazing things could be built with it.

I’ve got 20 years+ of commercial technical development across all manner of hardware, software platforms and new technologies so always happy to dive in and play with the ‘next big thing’!

Occasionally, all these things align and I get to build experimental, collaborative game-like things for museums.

I’ve also shared a bunch of DIY Museum Tutorials which are aimed at the smaller museum who wants to add some cool technology to their space but is working on a tiny budget.  To be honest – most of the larger museums are a bit strapped for cash too – so they might get something out of it too.

My current main projects (that I’m allowed to talk about):

  • A Moment of Madness – a poltical spy thriller real world game where players are on a live stake-out in a car park.  Touring soon!
  • Babbling Beasts – a project to get children & their families reading through making digital games.


If you’ve a few minutes have a quick browse of the blog posts to see some of the weird and wonderful projects I’ve been lucky enough to work on!

Thanks for stopping by…


Keywords of what interests me at the moment:

Collaborative | Real-world | Audio | Storytelling | Interactive Fiction