Hello, I’m John…

I am a real-world game designer. This means I use to technology & design principles from my years in the games industry to build games that take place in the real world.  As you can imagine I am having to rethink my ‘real-world’ focus a little given the current situation. #PIVOT!

10 years ago I switched my focus from online, console and mobile games into the real places.  And originally, I used to say I build things at the intersection of games, theatre & technology but now I use the shorthand of saying – it’s a bit like Escape Rooms.

Speaking of which here’s an online Escape Game of mine you can play in your browser right now!  Who said I don’t make online things anymore 😉

The other two (A Moment of Madness & SCOOT) are projects that push Escape Games in slightly different directions.

Public spaces & historical content have led into to the GLAM world – that’s Galleries, Libraries, Archives & Museums.  While I’ve done a bunch of projects with the larger well-known museums I’m also really interested in how I can help museums with less resources.  My diymuseum.tech series of free tutorials is aimed at museums who want to create digital-things themselves.  Here’s a few of the most popular ones:

Generally, people commission me to build them game-like things, tech-things or to run workshops – often based off the free versions that are already available.  Right now I’m helping a bunch of people convert their real-world experiences (music, theatre, interactive) into something that works just as well online – keeping the magic of the live shared event.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Keywords: Collaborative | Real-world | Audio | Storytelling | Interactive Fiction | EscapeGames