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*Holographic, Interactive Nun

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Maker Monday Commission: Magdalene Laundries I’ve recently finished an artistic collaboration with multi-discipline Birmingham-based Live Artist Kate Spence.  Kate is embarking on a new long-term direction of work connected with the Magdalene Asylums of the Catholic Church.  Kate was able to begin this work thanks to being chosen as one of four recipients of the

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Make & Take – Create your own Audio Tour Experiences

I’m a big fan of predominantly audio experiences in real spaces.  Staying connected with the real environment while augmenting it with audio can be powerful.  Definitely preferable to being distracted by a mobile screen! You can see this in some of my recent projects: Farmer George’s Flock A Moment of Madness   Take & Make

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Farmer George’s Flock Game at The Great Pagoda

The idea: Cuddly Sheep as the Game Controller We were fortunate to win a competition earlier in the year to develop a ‘playful experience’ to bring

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A Moment of Madness (real-world game)

Agent in a Box – spy thriller game / theatre experience Some time ago I was collaborating on an exciting real-world game ‘Agent in a Box’ with interactive theatre company ‘The Other Way Works’.  The observant among you may have already found (one of the very few) blog posts I wrote about this very project. 

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Broadening Digital Horizons – Overview & Workshops

I was very fortunate to be selected by West Midlands Museum Development to work with and mentor museums across the West Midlands.  This began by museums attending one of three different workshops and then applying to be one of the 10 museums to get further mentoring from me. The introductory workshops were broadly defined by

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