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I've had laser eye surgery since this picture (which didn't work so well) so I may / may not have glasses

I’ve had laser eye surgery since this picture (which didn’t work so well) so I may / may not have glasses

Here’s my standard speaker-bio:

“John creates large scale interactive games for public spaces.  His focus is creating experiences away from the typical single-screen, single user.  His work has shown in movie theatres, game festivals, museums, galleries, libraries and even parking-lots!  John co-founded interactive cinema start-up wallFour in 2011, and within this created Renga – laser-controlled, feature-length, collaborative experience for hundreds of players.  Through his work as wallFour John has already broken through many of the barriers between the games and movie industries.”

Currently, I’m working with a wide-variety of arts organisations in and around Birmingham to build all manner of interactive experiences.  I am mostly interested in experiences for public spaces, which cause groups (either friends or strangers) to collaborate in new ways.  You can see some of my ‘Touch Table’ work on floor 3 of Birmingham’s fabulous new library or in the Birmingham History Galleries in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. These projects were built as part of the Digital Heritage Demonstrator Project based out of The University of Birmingham.

And before all this I used to work in the games industry at Codemasters, I set-up and ran (for 7 years) the successful industry-focused BSc Computer Games Programming degree at the University of Derby and launched my own indie-studio focused on digital download games, WeAreColin.

And… for Renga we won the Indiecade Developer’s Choice Award – definitely a massive highlight.  Just in case you don’t know what Indiecade is – it’s often referred to as the Sundance of the Games Industry – so personally this is a pretty significant accolade 🙂

Hopefully, I’ll update this site with some of the fantastic projects that I’ve been lucky enough to work on.