About me

I am a game designer & software developer who freelances through my company ‘Museum Games’.

Here’s a speaker-bio:

John is a veteran game designer of 20+ years working in the game industry who now develops unique and magical experiences for public spaces.  Originally starting out building games for console platforms, moving through mobile spaces he now develops games for cinemas, car-parks and other outdoor & indoor spaces.  This had led him to work much closer with the GLAM (galleries, libraries archives & museums) sector.  In addition to the bespoke high-end experiences for larger venues he also works with much smaller cultural institutes training them in the skills needed to develop their own interactives.


I am passionate about creating game-like experiences for public spaces which cause groups to collaborate in new ways.

Before all this I used to work in the games industry at Codemasters, I set-up and ran (for 7 years) the industry-focused BSc Computer Games Programming degree at the University of Derby, launched my own indie-studio focused on digital download games, WeAreColin and was the Senior Technical Developer at the University of Birmingham’s (now retired) Digital Humanities Hub.

I co-developed Renga – a 500 player, feature length, collaborative game played using laser pointers which won the Indiecade Developer’s Choice Award – definitely a massive highlight.  Just in case you don’t know what Indiecade is – it’s often referred to as the Sundance of the Games Industry – so personally this is a pretty significant accolade 🙂