NFC Advanced Ideas

So once you’ve got the hang of the basics of triggering content via NFC there are a number of other avenues to explore.  I’m afraid there aren’t tutorials for these yet – but its something I would be interested in sharing once they have been worked through in more detail. For now hopefully they will give you some ideas for directions to explore.

Note: apart from the ‘Museum Digital Tour Guide’ – these are prototypes that were created a few days.  I’m definitely keen to explore these further get in contact if they sound of interest.

You first option is to create a tablet version – using an android NFC tablet to play audio, video & images.  There’s already a tutorial and free android app for this – see the detailed version here: ‘Museum Digital Tour Guide’.

You could expand Babbling Beasts in the direct of creating real-world games. Here are a few examples created for different purposes / venues:

Where in the World is Paula the Penguin? – Created for The GameLab at Ecsite 2016

Boris the Bear has lost his wife Paula.  She could be anywhere on the planet!  If you search the environment you’ll find postcards that she has left for you.  Each postcard contains an audio clue as to where she is.  Once you’ve figured her location go to the large map of the world and scan the city you think she’s in.

Darwin’s Rabbit – Created for the Nocturne Party hosted at Jardim Botanico do Porto

You meet a man on the upper floor of the recently renovated ‘Hall of Biodiversity’.  He turns out to be Charles Darwin and sends you on a quest around the venue to learn more about his connection with the Portuguese island of Madeira and the lop-eared rabbits that lived there.  Along the way you’ll meet many of his animal friends and answer questions in order to progress.

Murder Mystery – WIP

This is a murder mystery game style game where players are trying to prevent the a museum heist.  After a recent spate of museum thefts by an unknown criminal gang we have received a tip off that our museum is next on their list.  The players must collect information to work out which object will be stolen, at what time is it planned and who is connected to the criminals.  Do they have someone on the inside helping them out?

This game follows a similar structure to a murder mystery game such as Cluedo.  Player’s have a list of suspects and must listen to the clues in order to figure out the solution.

The video shows earlier demos using the technology and focuses on the prediction mechanic using the NFC cards.

Escape Room ‘Combination Entry’

This is a preview from the Escape Room tutorial that I will be sharing in the coming months.

Many escape rooms use a number of combination lock puzzles in order to progress the game.  This video (yet to be uploaded!) shows an example of the players entering a 4 digit codes correctly / incorrectly using a number sheet with NFC tags behind.

Groaning Zombies

Lastly, flipping the technology on it’s head.  Instead of giving our players / visitors the NFC phones – we give out the NFC tags and keep the phones locked away.

In this example I have 3D printed characters that have a hidden NFC tag stuck on underneath.  The phone is also hidden – this time inside a small box.  When the character (a zombie) is placed on the a base it triggers the audio – exactly the same process as in the traditional ‘Babbling Beasts’.  If this looks exciting to you – then you might want to also check out the ‘Museum in a Box’ project. (Note: This is nothing to do with me) – they are doing a more high-end / flexible version using 3D printed objects triggering content by NFC.