Escape Game – DIY – Full-Production


Stage 1 – Create your final content

So now that you’ve all the component parts – you need to bring them all together and see if they still make sense.  The puzzles / story / gates are all interlinked – you’ll probably find that some parts have broken others.  You may need to change the story to fit the puzzles (or record more audio if you’ve uses audio clues).

If you’re on the right track then now is the time to refine your placeholder content.  You can now flesh out your story, write the script and record any order.  It’s also time to spruce up any game items – now you can create a more sturdy mask or produce an authentic looking Chinese menu (although it’s probably easier to nab a pile from your local takeaway).

Stage 2 – Beginning & End

You’ll need a little work up your introduction – this is what you’ll tell the players before they begin to play.  Usually this is a small script delivered by the gamehost.  An enthusiastic gamehost is probably the quickest way to get players into the game quickly.  This contains some information about how to play the game – and some setup to the story.  You’ll also need to explain how players should get help when they are stuck.

You might want to think about what happens to players when they successfully finish the game.  Perhaps you’ll even be ready with a camera to take a ‘winning’ photo.

Next steps

Now you have a full working game it’s time to playtest!