Setup – Hardware & Software

Setup – Hardware & Software

You will need hardware:

  • Intel Stick PC – these typically cost ~£75 and can be freely upgraded to Windows 10. You can also use any existing Windows PC for this project, but the size / power ratio makes the ‘Stick PC’ a good investment.
  • Touchscreen Monitor – I’m using a 27” Acer Touchscreen which cost me ~£200. There are numerous options available at 21”, 23” and 27”.
  • Custom housing – typically a wooden surround – a standard VESA TV mount can be used to secure the monitor.



  • Microsoft PowerPoint on your development machine
    • I’m using PowerPoint 2010 for this project (but any version will work)
    • If you don’t have access to PowerPoint then you can use any open source alternative – e.g. Impress for LibreOffice
    • It may even be possible to do this in Keynote as it can output to PowerPoint file format. This is not covered in the tutorial


  • PowerPoint Viewer – this is free software for playing back your interactive. It means that you won’t need to install Microsoft Office on your Stick PC
    • I’m using version PowerPoint Viewer 14.0.4754.1000