Audio Tour Guide – Step-by-Step

Audio Tour Guide – Step-by-step


Keep the story in each location short! People will get bored after 30-45 seconds. The trick to keeping them in a single spot for longer is getting them to notice things in that location. E.g. ‘can you see who the small black dog hiding in the back of the painting is annoying?’

Maybe you can find some interesting facts about the museum to include that aren’t already present in the gallery?

Developing interactive experiences is an iterative process. As you begin to develop your script you might want to change your locations.

Audio Tour Guide – Character Development

It’s often thought that an interesting plot is what makes a story engaging. This is only partially true – we naturally identify with the characters – so it is interesting ones that tend to keep us gripped!

A good way to make your character compelling is to give them an interesting backstory with a secret they are hiding.

Some mysterious suggestions include:

  • Maybe they are a thief planning a heist to steal an object?
  • Someone who has lost their job as a museum tour guide but is still doing it in secret.
  • Maybe they have a nemesis somewhere in the museum?
  • Perhaps they are in love with someone in the museum?
  • An antique dealer thinking only of selling the objects
  • Having an unusual character trait (e.g. we expect a lion to be brave – so the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz)



The trick to keep your audience wanting more is to drip-feed your story across the audio clips. Drop a few hints and give the suggestion of more excitement to come.

If you’re really struggling with your compelling character – you can always just use one that you know well from a favourite film or tv series and think about how they would react in this new environment.